(Article originally published on Black Rifle Coffee by Scott Lambin)

Warfighters, security professionals and law enforcement officers alike are faced with a plethora different mission profiles throughout their day to day operations. Having checked two of the 3 boxes myself, the need for various kit has been a point of contention on many occasions throughout my career. Running Counter Assault operations to escorting a President or other Diplomats calls for a staunch difference how you do business. Either put in a corner of my 40 ft. connex living quarters or in a wall locker; at any given time, I would always have a low and high profile kit staged and ready to go. Weaponry remains the same for both, but the method in which we employ them differ. Contrary to popular belief, you will be hard pressed to find a TRUE one kit fits ALL mission profile, in most cases, Special Operators kit up for direct use within the team.


Playing in the Security and “Mentoring” realms these days, I have taken the liberty to bastardize (of sorts) a low profile belt system from High Threat Concealment and married Safarilands 6378 (Light Bearing) holster along with S&S precision holster extender and GRT belt adapter. Before getting into the weeds with the extender; HTC’s system is one of the best concealable belt systems on the market. In fact, I have a separate system for low profile missions (here), a rig for a single stack tactical pistol and a rig for my competition single stack set up at home. I just needed a holster that will fit the profile of the job that I am doing.

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