It’s no secret I am a fan of concealed carry. In one of my past articles, The Daily Arsenal of the Armed Citizen, I wrote about how critical I believe it is to carry a backup magazine for your concealed firearm. My current EDC holster is the remarkable Werkz BisectV2 appendix holster, which comfortably carries and conceals my Glock 17 and an extra magazine. In our ever-changing and burning world, carrying a duty-size firearm with an extra magazine is not only a tactically-sound decision, it makes sense because we tend to train with them.

But if the age-old saying that, “Two is one and one is none” is true, does that mean my one backup magazine is technically none? The police department I work for requires two extra magazines for my duty gun, no exceptions. That’s three total mags, and if I was to face a situation like San Bernardino, that’s barely enough ammunition when it comes to a firefight. Still, like the Taylor Swift song, two is better than one. So how does an armed citizen upgrade his daily carry arsenal to include a second backup magazine, without losing the element of surprise that conceal carry provides?

Enter the ExtraCarry™. It’s a concealed carry magazine pouch, that, simply put, disguises itself to the onlooker as a pocket knife of sorts.

Before getting too far into the design and use of the ExtraCarry™, let’s take a step back and talk about clothing. There are several different types of concealed carriers:

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