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An EDC Small Fixed Blade Knife (SFBK) for Everyone’s Inner Barbarian
Jeremy Stafford

One of the very coolest things about working for Breach Bang Clear is that occasionally, interesting things show up unsolicited to your doorstep. One of the worst things about working for Breach Bang Clear is that occasionally “interesting” crosses the line to “weird” or “creepy”. I’m happy to say the Fiel, while unique, falls squarely into the interesting.

Eyes On EDC: The Tops Knives Fiel

First off, let me get some bias out of the way. I am an unapologetic fixed blade fan-boy. When in a fight for my life, I want the damn blade now and I don’t want to worry about opening it. I’ve been in a fight or two, and I know that no matter how hard you train, shit will not go according to plan. By reducing a step to get steel into flesh, you make the process more efficient. Efficiency wins fights. Be efficient.

Eyes On EDC: The Tops Knives Fiel

On to the knife. At first glance, the Fiel appears to be a short, fat version of a Bronze Age leaf type sword, with the blade becoming thinner towards the tip as its width increased before tapering back down to a point. This made for a blade that was particularly adept at slashing and hacking. The TOPS website recognizes this and even makes mention of it in the product description.

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