Courtesy of Breach Bang Clear

Eyes On El Chete – No Wood Is Safe! 

An Initial Look at the TOPS Knives El Chete

Ryan Houtekamer

The line between choppers, meat cleavers and machetes has been blurred before; now it’s happened again, and we like it. A TOPS Knives El Chete recently arrive at Breach-Bang-Clear’s sincerely polite and waffle-loving Canadian TOC, and we can confidently say that no wood is safe from us!

That’s what she said.

The design of the El Chete is very much based on a chopper style knife, but it’s bigger. That mass combined with the blade makes it perform like a vorpal dire beaver gnashing through trees.

Eyes On El Chete – No Wood Is Safe!

Shout out to some fellow nerds there.

In any case, we wanted to give you a heads up on this high end machete while we do some more field trials. In the meantime here are a couple of pretty pictures and a bit about the knife from the maker.

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*Photos courtesy of Breach Bang Clear