Editors note: Article originally published on Breach Bang Clear by Big Joe.

I was lucky enough to receive a Flagrant Beard leather wallet recently. I haven’t had a chance to give it a thorough going-over just yet, so these are only my initial impressions. I think most wallet designs are made without any serious thought. Flagrant Beard’s wallet, on the other hand, was designed with a purpose and stands out.

A few quick thoughts about the wallet. Its super simple and keeps the stuff in organized. It has two interior card slots with plenty of room, and a clear ID window. My favorite part is the quick access exterior card slot.

The best part is that it’s 100% percent made in the U.S.A by the Amish. For those who have never watched the Amish Mafia on TV, they make some great stuff and their workmanship is top notch. This thing isn’t just some wallet you pick up at a department store. It’s packed with features, including full grain leather.

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(featured image courtesy of breachbangclear.com)