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Eyes On: KE Arms SLT-1 Sear Link Technology Trigger
David “Norseman” Williams

Eyes On: KE Arms SLT-1 Sear Link Technology Trigger

Recently I received the brand new SLT-1 (Sear Link Technology) Trigger from KE Arms, and I’m very excited to run it in my AR platform. My boom stick is the Ruger SR 556 and although they claim MILSPEC at Ruger, I still had my doubts. One major flaw in this Ruger and many other off-the-shelf ARs has always been the heavy, mushy, trigger. But lo and behold, the SLT-1 functions perfectly.

Replacing the trigger was a snap, dare I say grunt proof. The folks a KE Arms have nailed the drop in self-contained trigger design. It only took a few minutes to install, and it function checked flawlessly. As they claim, you can put the weapon on safe regardless of its condition. It feels strange to be able to do this but the added safety factor makes it worth getting used to. The ambidextrous selector lever also moves much smoother than the original. I do have my reservations about how well the selector will stay in the SAFE position when slung over the shoulder or handled roughly, but I’ll give it every opportunity to be successful before I pass final judgment.

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