Arc’Teryx LEAF recently released the latest addition to their equipment line – the Courier 15. The secure and manageable bag has some cool features that got me all hot and bothered. First off, it’s capable of carrying a sub-gun concealed within. (You can bet your ass that we’ll be trying that out.) Arc’Teryx design and production standards make this bag, all while playing to the LEAF crowd. It looks like Arc’Teryx has a stellar addition to their LEAF line.

At first glance, the Courier 15 looks like any other messenger style bag, with a few sleek design elements. With limited access points and sturdy zippers, I was pleased after the initial look-over. Small features, like extended zipper pulls and clean overall lines, have me loving this bag even more.

The bag only has two pockets (one small and one large), with the smaller pocket including a retention lanyard for smaller objects. The larger pocket, with three entry points, includes a laptop sleeve and velcro panels for easy addition of modular pouches to fit the need. The main pocket already has me dreaming up ways to make this bag my new EDC.

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*Photo courtesy of Breach Bang Clear