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Kit bags: who doesn’t have one, right? Even the cheapest of the cheap, who don’t buy anything unless they’re issued it, have kit bags.

Eyes On: US Palm Kit Bag

US Palm’s kit bag has it going on. It’s reasonably priced and simple. Load out bags are getting more and more complicated these days, and I’m starting to admire simplicity paired with good construction over tons of pockets and the new whizbang of the month.

Eyes On: US Palm Kit Bag

The kit bag has some good depth and width to it, so not much of an issue fitting a good amount of gear inside. The first thing that I noticed is the bag is well built, but the walls of the bag aren’t so stiff that it’s rigid. I love this feature. I filled it about half full and the top of the bag collapsed in on itself. DOMINO MOTHERFUCKER!!! That means that this bag will store really well and won’t take up the entire size of the bag if it isn’t full.

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