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As far as blades go, TOPS Knives is one of the most creative manufacturers in the industry — the company’s new F.O.R.K. It multi-tool just proves that sentiment.

With the help of Leo Espinoza, the F.O.R.K. It was designed with several different uses in mind.

According to TOPS Knives:

Backpackers on a 20-mile-plus trip aren’t going to take much extra weight with them. Military personnel have to be extremely conscious of how much they’re carrying. Prepared individuals with 72-hour kits in their car or bug-out bags in their homes constantly have to think about what to put in their pack. All of these scenarios benefit from having tools that can perform more than one task. Those people are what prompted the F.O.R.K. It to be made.

Made with a tough 1095 high carbon blade, the multi-tool is designed to complete most small chores easily from preparing food to cutting rope or preparing tinder for a fire.

An important aspect of survival regardless of the situation is to have some “creature comforts.” Having a civilized utensil available when it comes time to eat, can make a bad situation seem a little more comfortable, and that can give a morale boost.

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