The name FAB Defense should be no stranger to regular readers of the Load Out Room, the Israeli based company has had several of their products featured here before. FAB Defense made a name for themselves with their KPOS Glock carbine conversion kit and their GL-Core AR15 stock that was compatible with both civilian and mil-spec buffer tubes. In this installment of the LoadOut Room, we have been fortunate enough to get one of their Scorpus Covert G-9 holsters to spotlight and review. We want to take this moment to thank FAB Defense’s North American distributor ZFI Incorporated for partnering with us on this review.

The Scorpus Covert G-9 holster is an interesting holster for several reasons. What makes it interesting is that the design team at Fab Defense has managed to make an affordable holster that it thin, lightweight and is usable by several different pistol formats. They also took the lessons learned from their successful Scorpus G-9R outside the waist holster and incorporated them into this new inside the waist holster. Let’s take a look at closer look at the new holster.


Manufacturer: FAB Defense

Country of Origin: Israel

Material: Unspecified Polymer

Material Thickness: 1.9mm Thick (0.07 inch)

Model Supported: 

  • Glock Model :17, 19 , 22, 23, 26, 27, 31, 32 & 33
  • CZ-P10 C
  • H&K VP 9
  • Walther P 99
  • FN FNS-9 & FNS-9 Compact
  • Ruger SR-40
  • Grand Power K100 & T12
  • Schmeisser SLP-9
  • FMK 9C1 G2

Colors Available: Black Only

Handedness: Left & Right Both Available

Belt Sizes Supported: 1.5 ” & 1.75″ Wide Belts

MSRP: $39.25

Other Features: 

  • Adjustable Retention Mechanism
  • Ergonomic Rounded Sweat Guard
  • Removable Covert Spacer to allow the holster to ride even closer to the wearer
  • Weighs 67 grams (2.36 Ounces)
FAB Defense Scorpus Covert G-9 Holster
Tension Adjustment Screw and Quick Release Belt Loop Controls Shown
Image:Rick Dembroski

Initial Impressions 

The first thing I noticed after unboxing the FAB Defense Covert G-9 is it’s weight or lack of weight I should say. Weighing in at a whopping 2.36 Ounces and being less than 2mm thick the holster is about as minimalist as you can get. In a holster that will be used as a conceal carry holster, that is a good thing. It’s hard enough to conceal a pistol without adding a huge polymer monstrosity on your hip poking out for all to see.

FAB Defense SCORPUS G-9R Holster: Review

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FAB Defense wasn’t specific on their polymer that was used in the Scorpus Covert holster but I will say that without the pistol in the holster it does flex a bit when pressure is applied to it. After all, it is less than 2mm thick so it’s to be expected, that being said once the pistol is inserted no flexing of the material is detectable which is a good thing.

FAB Defense Scorpus Covert G-9 Holster
Recessed Texturing
Photo:Rick Dembroski

The backside of the holster that will be in contact with the users skin or undershirt if the user is layering clothing is textured with a pattern of in recessed circles. It’s an interesting pattern but FAB Defense never says why the pattern is included in the design. I will wager a wild ass guess that its the allow the holster to not stick to the wearer skin in humid or wet conditions. The voids in the pattern should allow some amount of circulation of air against the users skin? Maybe

One issue many people face when selecting a CCW holster is that they usually have to think about what width belt they are going to use with their holster. Traditionally holsters didn’t offer much in the way of select-ability, you bought a size and you were stuck with it. In designing the Scorpus Covert the team at FAB Defense made a quick change feature that allows the wearer to use either a 1.5″ or 1.75″ wide belt.

This may not be an issue for people with only one width belt but many people today have wider range belts they use while training that are slightly wider than a belt they would wear daily. The ability to train and use the same holster across not only several different pistol models as well as two different width belts just adds to the overall value of this holster.

FAB Defense Scorpus Covert G-9 Holster
The Scorpus Covert fits very closely
Photo:Rick Dembroski

Wearing and Adjustments 

Wearing the FAB Defense holster with my Glock 19 is a dream. The fact it’s extremely lightweight and thin helps reduced any profiling while wearing it at the 3 O’Clock position. When lugging around a fully loaded pistol I tend to look for ways to lighten the load, and with this holster, it’s about the lightest CCW loadout I can find. I always tend to wear some form of undershirt and generally a long sleeve shirt so that any holster doesn’t directly contact my skin. So I can’t speak to how the recessed pattern on the holster sticks or doesn’t stick to your skin.

I can say that it doesn’t bunch or dig into my shirt and that all the rounded and smoothed edges are a very nice touch and speaks to the attention to detail at the factory. This isn’t an Uncle Mikes holster that you regret buying the instant you try to wear it. The design team at FAB Defense made this a very direct and straightforward design. Even when it comes to making adjustments like tightening the retention screw, all you need is a small phillips style screwdriver and you are all set. When swapping between 1.5″ and 1.75″ belt clips all you need is a flathead screwdriver to press down the retention tab. A few pulls of the material and you simply slide in the new clip and you are ready to go.

Overall I will say that for the price that the company is asking for this holster it’s really a can’t miss deal. It’s well built, lightweight and does the job with no muss or fuss. It’s a common sense no-frills approach to CCW. It keeps in line with the tradition FAB Defense has built of making quality gear at an affordable price. If you would like to purchase the FAB Defense Scorpus Covert or any of their other products like the pistol caliber carbine conversion kits, check out the company’s North America distributor in the links below. We want to say again thanks to FAB Defense for all of their support.

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