Here at the Loadout Room it’s no secret we enjoy gear, and we enjoy sharing gear success with you. Today we are tossing some of the best products and gear we knew of in a list in honor of Fathers Day. This is our 2017 Fathers Day gift guide. If your dad is a shooter, an outdoorsman, a knife addict, or a general gear nut this guide is for him.

Father’s Day Gift Guide 2017

Emerson PUK

The Emerson PUK has been my all time favorite knife. I did a review some time ago and loved it then, but after more time with it, I love it more. A lightweight, non-intrusive, and easy to carry fixed blade knife is way handier than I’d thought it’d be. It’s a well made, easy to carry and it’s a true multi-purpose blade with dozens of uses. The PUK also a great gift for any dad who is into knives and needs a good fixed blade minimalist design. It’s utility and strength gives it a spot on our Father’s Day Gift Guide.

Fathers Day Gift Guide 2017

Cinch Hooks

Cinch Hooks are a unique item made by Warfytr. These super affordable, easy to use, and replace the traditional belt loops, paddles, or other attachment systems with Cinch Hooks. These hooks attach to holsters for guns, knives, magazine pouches and other gear and allows them to be worn on the belt or even on MOLLE style webbing. These are affordable, and can be worn with pretty much any modern holster or sheath system. Adaptability, affordability, and versatility is how Cinch Hooks took a spot on our Fathers Day Gift Guide.

Fathers Day Gift Guide 2017
Photo courtesy of WarFytr Equipment

Crate Club

Crate Club is a premier tactical club that delivers monthly crates to members. Giving the gift of Crate Club is like giving a Father’s Day gift every month. You can buy differently tiered crates for a monthly membership, or prepaid 6 months, or 1-year options. Crate Club gear is picked out by former Spec Ops personnel including Navy SEALs, Green Berets, CIA operators, Marines, and Army Rangers. This includes Jack Murphy, Brandon Webb, and Loadout Room’s own Scott Witner. Crate Club is the gift that just keeps on giving, so it takes a solid spot on our Father’s Day Gift Guide.

Fathers Day Gift Guide 2017

Blue Force Gear Micro TKN

This miniature medical kit is aimed at the concealed carrier, the security and police professional, as well as the adventurer in all of us. The Micro Trauma Kit is a modern IFAK with attachments for both belt and MOLLE compatibility. The Micro Trauma kit has been reviewed at the Loadout Room and we are big fans of it. Like all Blue Force Gear it’s made right here in the good ole US of A. It’s not only an excellent gift, but a practical one for dads who hunt, fish, hike, and prepare themselves for the worst.

Fathers Day Gift Guide 2017

Hogue Bladed Goods

Choosing one Hogue with a blade would be almost impossible. Hogue made a big showing at Shot Show 2017 with a wide variety of knives and even tomahawks. Our own Rex Nanorum reviewed one of their tomahawks and was pleased with its performance. I personally carry one of Hogue’s many auto knives and have been incredibly happy with it. Their blades all have a great warranty, and are made up of side release automatics, OTF autos, standard folding knives, fixed blades, and of course the tomahawk. Any of these knives would be an excellent option for Father’s Day. I’d love to pick just one, but they all deserve a small place on our Fathers Day gift guide.

Fathers Day Gift Guide 2017


Laser Ammo i-MTTS

We reviewed this at our sister site the Arms Guide. It’s an interactive laser training system that utilize Laser Ammo’s own laser cartridge. The Laser Cartridges are available in all popular calibers. The i-MTTS system is one, three, or five targets that have the ability to interact with each other. They have a wide variety of different settings and modes that force the targets to interact with each other. THis can be used for both amusement and serious dry fire training.

Fathers Day Gift Guide 2017


Bottle Breacher Gear

Loadout Room Editor Scott Witner did an excellent overview of Bottle Breacher products, and I share the opinion some of their gear would be excellent Father’s Day gifts. They are affordable, unique, and very cool if your Dad is a veteran or a firearms enthusiast. This includes inert frags that act as bottle openers. 50 cal shell bottle openers, and whiskey chillers in the form of inert ammunition. That’s not all they make either, so definitely check them out. Scott made his own Father’s Day gift guide just for Bottle Breacher products, so make sure you check that out.

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Fathers Day Gift Guide 2017
photo courtesy of Bottle Breacher

Spec Ops Shop Go Panel

The Spec Ops Go Panel is an ingenious piece of gear that converts any MOLLE gear to belt mounted. This little device will double the usefulness of any gear Dad has or any gear he wants. This isn’t just for the ‘tactical’ operator but is great for certain knife sheaths, medical kits, and more. It allows Dad to convert tactical gear, into everyday carry gear.

Fathers Day Gift Guide 2017

5.11 EDC light

Affordability can be the key to a good present for dad. If you a young one tight on cash the 5.11 EDC flashlight is an awesome little flashlight that’s perfect for EDC. This miniature EDC light fits in the pocket with ease, is tough as nails, and bright enough for day to day jobs. I’ve put mine through tons of abuse, and it just keeps ticking.

Fathers Day Gift Guide 2017

The Killing School

If Dad is a reader the Killing School by Brandon Webb may be the perfect gift. The Killing School takes readers behind the scenes and into the Navy SEAL sniper school. Webb was tasked with revamping the Sniper program for the U.S. Naval Special Warfare program. The book takes readers through every aspect of the Navy SEAL’s Killing School.


Fathers Day Gift Guide 2017
Photo courtesy of Crate Club Knowledgebase