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Father’s Day Wishlist: The Thyrm Switchback

by Old Man Hernandez. Who identifies as a dead sexy and witty old codger of unmatched virility and eloquence. 

Generally speaking, dads are guys. Generally speaking, guys like cool toys. So for a Father’s Day gift, what toy could be cooler than a flashlight ring that turns a Surefire into a weapon light for dad’s favorite pistol?

Father’s Day Wishlist: The Thyrm Switchback

Sure, you could get dad a top-of-the-line precision rifle for $10k or so. But you’re so poor you’re considering giving $5 hand jobs on the corner, and dad would kick your ass for spending that much on him anyway. So get him a Switchback instead.

The Switchback is a simple heavy-duty plastic attachment that mounts on the base of your favorite tactical flashlight. It has a ring that helps keep the light secure in the off hand for regular search techniques, but it’s really made for use with a pistol. When the light is flipped on its ring, the shooter uses his thumb to push on a small projection on the ring that pushes the power switch against the shooter’s finger and activates the light. It’s simple, intuitive, and genius.

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Photo courtesy of Breach Bang Clear