(Article originally published on Tactical Life)

Federal Reserve Police will outfit their Glock 17 and 19 pistols with LaserMax Guide Rod Lasers, the New York-based laser company announced.

The 4th District Federal Reserve Security Force made the purchase, the press release says. They’re one of 12 regional law enforcement offices that provide protection to Federal Reserve facilities. In addition to giving 4th district uniformed officers the lasers, LaserMax also met with tactics and training leadership to discuss proper installation and go over the use of lasers in a response situations.

“The adoption of the Guide Rod lasers from a security force of this prestige is an incredible testament to the trust and confidence these guys put in our product,” said Chris Gagliano, Director of Military Products for LaserMax. “Getting to work with the tactical response team at the Federal Reserve is a great honor and we have thrilled to have them utilizing our Guide Rod laser systems on their duty sidearms.”

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