Ferro Concept’s newest addition to their line of gear is one I have been waiting a while for. The FC-ABP Assault Back Panel – S3 has been carefully designed to accommodate most everyone’s needs. Whether you need mini or regular-sized flashbangs, smoke grenades, frags, or M4 magazines in your back panel, the FC-ABP fits the bill.

The large pocket underneath the three top pouches can be used as a general-purpose pouch. I use it for an extra medkit pouch—carrying one tourniquet and an Olaes bandage. I could also easily add an IV kit if need be.

The bottom general-purpose pouch, used here to stow a medkit.
Two M4 mags and a smoke grenade easily fit in the pouches.

Another feature I love is the silent-open design on the ammunition pouches. They are kept closed with a bungee cord and won’t make noise like normal hook-and-loop fasteners would. You can remove the ammunition pouch’s flap, held by a Velcro if you need rapid access to the magazines.

The back panel’s interior can hold a one- or two-liter bladder.

The interior pocket can fit a one- or two-liter bladder, and with a little modification (cutting a small hole in the bottom) can even fit breaching tools in it. The Ferro Concept MOLLE-compatible S3 System is amazing. You don’t need to fight with the MOLLE straps to get them through, and they keep the back panel firmly in place.

MOLLE-compatible S3 System.

The FC-ABP Assault Back Panel – S3 is available in four different colors: Multicam, AOR2, Coyote Brown, and Digital Desert. It retails at $165.00 directly on Ferro Concept’s website.