Whether you find yourself on a camping trip, a hike in the mountains, or thrust into a survival situation, the one thing you can’t afford to go without for long is fire. Having the ability to create fire in any situation can be a matter of life or death, depending on your circumstances. Fiber Light, a veteran owned and operated company, has just the product for you.

Fiber Light Fire Starter Review

Their product, aptly named the Fiber Light Fire Starter, is easily one of the most reliable products of its kind on the market. It’s made up of natural wood fibers mixed with wax, which helps to make the product water resistant. The wood fibers are very finely ground, and I found that a single spark from my ferro rod was all it took to get it burning. A pinch of the Fire Starter the size of a nickel was able to burn on its own for about 3 minutes while damp and under a light rain.

Fiber Light Fire Starter Review

I chose to test out this product in the middle of a storm that lasted the entire weekend. To test the water resistance, I let the Fire Starter soak in the rain for about 5 minutes. Even though the Fire Starter was wet, it was still able to take a spark after a few strikes on the ferro rod, stay lit, and build into a small fire. The obvious limiting factor that prevented me from making a much larger fire was the constant rain and light wind, but even in these poor conditions the product was able to do exactly what it promised.

Fiber Light Fire Starter Review

Fiber Light Fire Starter Review

The metal tin is 3 inches in diameter and packed tight with 4 ounces of the Fire Starter. A black ranger band is shipped with the can, which can be used to seal the lid to the tin, making it completely waterproof. You can also use the ranger band in a pinch by burning it for tinder. The product is made by hand with local lumber in Southern Oregon by a Marine Corps veteran. You can’t beat a product that is made in America, especially one made by a fellow veteran. Get yours for just $9.95

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