Over the past several months I’ve been trying out the Propper BA Softshell jacket.  Living in the Pacific Northwest provides folks with a special appreciation for outerwear.  High temperatures can swing by double digits and we have so many types of rain that falls so often we count the days that don’t have rain.  For about nine months out of the year I keep at least one jacket in the car.  Light rain or heavy, windy, cool, or chilly.  It previously meant a veritable wardrobe in the back of my car.

That wardrobe was replaced by the Propper BA softshell.  At first simply because I wanted to test it, but in the end it earned its place as my go to.  I even took it with me to an early spring course at Front Sight out in the Nevada desert and tent camping in Zion National Park.  To demonstrate the features I liked I’ll use Propper’s own photos below.

Front view credit: Propper.com

Overall Appearance: This may be a bit subjective, but for me the jacket looks all business without being obnoxiously tactical.  If I could change one feature I’d find a way to conceal or remove the velcro patch space.  I understand that for some this is a necessity, but on the street I don’t need it.  In videos of course it got the

Underarm vents. Photo: Propper.com

GBGuns logo.  You can see that the shoulder have a thicker layer to them which helps shed water.  Propper’s BA Softshell is not listed as waterproof, but it’s close enough to get you to shelter.

Pit vents:  These are a must for me.  I tend to run warm, put some layers on and add activity and I get hot quickly.  The BA Softshell’s underarm vents are some of the longest I’ve experienced and have a moisture-wicking mesh that in public keeps you unders private and in the field protects against unwanted hitchhikers climbing in.

Overall fit: the jacket is roomy and nonrestrictive.  I’ve gained some weight and expected to need one size bigger than my usual, especially for a waist-length jacket to not expose my carry gun.  Ordering a size larger was a mistake as freedom of movement and a loose fit seems to have already been part of the design.  Unfortunately this makes the jacket bellow out a bit around my mid section.  Order your normal size and this shouldn’t be an issue.

Here are the jacket’s features as pulled directly from the product webpage:

  • 100% Polyester
  • Water resistant
  • Full-zip front with two-way double sliders for easy CCW access
  • Pull-out ID or badge panel on left chest
  • Zip vent under arms for regulating temperature
  • Dual bicep and wrist pockets with zip closure
  • Warrant pocket with quiet magnet closure on chest
  • Internal chest pocket and two internal stash pockets
  • Additional dual-access zip pocket on lower back
  • Built with magnetic closures for quick and quiet access. These small magnets, although unlikely, may interfere with medical and electronic devices.

Attire is a completely personal choice so I’ve done my best not to let my opinions out beyond just experience while wearing the jacket.  I’ve enjoyed this jacket, just wish I had not ordered a size larger.  The function is excellent, plenty of pockets, and warm and dry enough for all but serious occasions which would only require another layer.  To see more about this jacket’s feature’s watch Propper’s video below: