Having the ability to purify water when in the field can be a lifesaver. If you drink unsafe water and have a negative reaction to it, you could experience vomiting and diarrhea, which in turn leads to dehydration and eventually death. Your best course of action is to not get sick off the water to begin with. Most everybody in the survival and military community have heard of the rule of threes. Well, I kinda use that philosophy when it comes to making my water safe to drink, too—I always like to have three ways to purify my water to make it safe to drink. You need clean water in order to stay hydrated, to cook with, and for hygiene.

Here is a quick look at the items I have settled on after trying different techniques and products for when I go out into the field.
Boiling – Having a container to boil water in is the safest and only 100% way to purify water of contaminants.
Field Water Purification Kit
Water Purification Tabs – I keep two of these duct taped to the side of my canteen – a trick I learned in the military. That way you always know where they are.
These Aquamira Military Water Tablets are used by simply dropping one tablet into one liter of water and waiting the required time. These water purifier tablets contain a patented chlorine dioxide formula that produces a powerful germicidal agent when released in water. These water disinfectant tablets, when used as directed, meet the EPA guidelines for microbiological water purifiers. The Aquamira 67506 is the safest solution on the market.
The Aquamira 67405 specifications:

  • Patented chlorine dioxide formula
  • Meets EPA guidlines for microbiological water purifiers (when used as directed)
  • Powerful germicidal agent
  • Will not discolor water
  • Actually improves the taste of treated water
  • 10 pack (Military)

Field Water Purification Kit
Field Water Purification Kit
 Water Filter
Sayer Mini Squeeze Water Filter

  • Small, lightweight, and capable water filter
  • Hollow fiber membrane filter – backflushable, filters up to 100,000 gallons
  • Filters down to 0.1 micron absolute – exceeds EPA and NSF recommendations
  • Removes 99.99% of all particles, protozoa, and bacteria from water
  • Easy-to-use design – fill up water pouch at lake or river and squeeze through filter
  • Includes filter, 16 oz. pouch, 7″ drinking straw, cleaning plunger, and instructions
  • Filters water straight from a lake, hydration reservoir, or household faucet.

Field Water Purification Kit
The kit shown here stores nicely into a rite-in-the-rain notebook cover with exception of the canteen and canteen cup.
Field Water Purification Kit