In the following video series provided by NRA News, you’ll get a glimpse into just how vulnerable our national power grid really is. The threats to the power grid range from smaller attacks on major sub stations to a larger more catastrophic EMP (Electro Magnetic Pulse) strike. Several years ago we experienced a small attack on a sub station in silicon valley taking out a large section of that area. Little is known about that specific attack. Some think it could have been a small terror cell gathering intel such as our reaction time to the outage and how long it took to restore service. Either way it’s a wake up call to the overall vulnerability of the power grid. There is little we can do individually to help secure the grid, but there are steps we can take to survive outages to the grid. We have published several articles on disaster preparation, long-term food and water storage and general survival skills in the event of power outages.  Take a few minutes to watch the following 3 videos to see just how scary things can get if we truly lose the power grid someday.

Featured image courtesy of the NRA YouTube Channel