I have been carrying concealed for a long time and have only had two options. One was an Arc’teryx conveyer belt that was great when I worked in the water or wanted to quickly mount a holster on it. Its lack of rigidity left my heavier guns sagging down or when I appendix carry it would not properly hold my holster. The other belt I use is an HSGI riggers belt with a cobra buckle. This belt has the “tacticool” vibe and just does not fit in with street clothes. The other issue is dealing with a foot of Velcro.

Recently I found myself in the Filson Seattle flagship store. If you haven’t heard of Filson before, they make vintage hunting, logging and prospecting equipment. The prices might seem a little steep, however, you get what you pay for and everything from them is backed by a lifetime guarantee.

When you buy a belt from them there are 4 main options, all of them timeless. Constructed with saddle-grade Bridal leather that is farmed and tanned in the USA. The buckles are either stainless or brass and not removable. Seven size holes provide ample adjustment to accommodate a wide range of guns or bellies.

The one I selected (Filson Double Belt) is a double layer at 1-1/2 inch thick and it fits my needs perfectly. The rigidity I get from this belt is unparalleled; I can stand on the edges of it without any bending. I use a G-code holster for my Glock 19 and the belt fills the clips on the holster perfectly. This makes drawing my firearm a breeze and I feel more confident knowing the holster is not going to move.

I strongly recommend checking out these belts if you are in the market for one.

Author – William Hoyt is a former Army Ranger of 1/75. He is now pursuing his bachelors in psychology and coaching swimming.