If you’ve ever had to walk a mile in someone else’s shoes – especially if that someone is an adventure type – you know that trekking in the snow can be as difficult as looking cool in a speedo. Yes… feels almost impossible.  

Even with a decent pair of snowshoes trudging through the snow can whoop your butt. For this reason a company named Fimbulvetr has set out to turn snow walking into well…  a walk in the park.

Not your Grand pappy’s snow kicks

Super durable and simple these things won’t take you 20 minutes to figure out before heading out to bag a reindeer.

They also made the hinge on the shoe part “all direction” which means for better support on odd angles, like walking sideways uphill, as well as making for better traction.

Light as a snowflake

Well probably not that light. Actually I don’t know what a snow flake weights, but I’m pretty sure they’re pretty light. Anyways I’ve walked some heavy snow shoes before and it’s no bueno.

Ultimately the light weight will transfer more mobility, less fatigue and better overall movement. All good things when hunting snowmen, arctic foxes and endangered Seals.  They’re just too cute and white not to make a jacket from.

They just look easy to use

Fimbuvetr snow shoe

I can’t think of a better way to judge how simple or effective something will be than by its cover. These things just look like they’ll take you over the hill and through the woods right to Grandmas house with ease.

Check them here: Fimbulvetr Snow Shoe