Have you even wanted to find somewhere new to go camping, hiking, or backpacking? Several years ago I was planning a solo backpacking trip for myself. I didn’t know really where to even begin looking so I started looking through the Ohio parks website. After some searching I found what I thought would be a good park that had a section of the Ohio Buckeye trail running through it. I had planned on backpacking that particular section of the Buckeye Trail and stay at one of the primitive camp sites for a few days before walking back out. Once I made it to the primitive campsite I immediately noticed that it was nothing like advertised. It ended up being a popular party spot for the locals and had access from the main road – not very primitive. The trip only went down hill from there. I made a mental note not to visit that park again.

Over the past several years, local, state, and other governmental agencies have restricted access to land that was previously available for backpacking or camping. These type of restrictions make it difficult for people to find a place to use and also have current information on that location. Recently, I was introduced to a website that allows you to search for that perfect location for your outdoor adventures, get details of the area, and read reviews from others. Included are both public and private land.

If this short montage video doesn’t get you ramped up to get outside, camp, backpack, or explore…nothing will.

The name of the company that put this comprehensive directory of places together is called Hipcamp. They currently cover 50 States, 1,726 Parks, 6,924 Campgrounds and 222,581 Campsites in the United States.

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