To stoke his creative fires, Lucas Burnley challenged himself to sketch out a new knife design every day for a year. With 297 knives already drawn up, the initiative, which he dubbed BRNLY365, is in the home stretch and it has already led to new production and custom models.

As the project nears completion, there’s a little bit of everything in the BRNLY365 portfolio: folding knives, fixed blades, big and small knives – even oddball entries like a chestnut knife, a longsword, or gun/knife combos. Burnley says that the informal nature of sketching compels him to let his imagination run wild. The concepts aren’t refined but could plant the seeds of future projects. “For me, a knife sketch is essentially a starting point,” he explains.

Many of these knives will never see the light of day, but there are some Burnley reckons could be successful. “There’s probably five or six that I would really like to make,” he says, pointing to Days 138, 238, 248, 250, 258, and 294.

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Photo courtesy of Knife News