The brand new 9th Edition of Firearms Guide published today! The Firearms Guide is the single best source of information and tech data on guns around the world.
The Firearms Guide 9th Edition is the world largest research able guns & ammo reference guide, gun values guide and gun schematics & blueprints library. Published since 2009 for industry professionals and enthusiasts, with its new 9th Edition it enables deep, complex searches of antique and modern guns and side by side comparisons of search results.
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Guns are cross-referenced with the ammunition database. Guns and ammo are presented with prices, tech-specifications, features, ballistic and up to 12 high-resolution zoom able color pictures (up to 4000 x 1240).

By combining up to 14 search criteria you can perform simple or complex searches that you cannot do with Google and get instant and precise search result every time. For example, if you type in Google “polymer frame pistol in 9mm” your search result is 482,000 web pages. The same search in Firearms Guide will bring up 300 relevant pistols.

GUN VALUES for modern and antique guns (based off of the 100% – 30% condition ratings) are provided for professionals in the gun trade and for gun collectors.

8,000 GUN SCHEMATICS (diagrams or exploded views) with parts lists and blueprints for professional gunsmiths are provided. Zoom in to see smallest gun parts and print out as many as you like.

Stop wasting time! Get yourself Firearms Guide and get the info you need NOW!

The new Flash Drive Edition & Online Edition Combo is:

1. A Gun Reference Guide – presents over 73,000 antique and modern firearms, air guns and ammunition from 1,110 manufacturers worldwide

2. A Gun Value Guide – presents 73,000 antique and modern guns with gun values based off of the 100% – 30% condition ratings…like Blue Book

3. A Gun Schematics & Blueprints Library – 8,000 printable gun schematics, parts lists and blueprints for antique and new guns.

4. Better than Google for searching guns – with 14 search criteria you can perform simple or complex searches that you can’t do with Google and get precise search result every time

Download the picture below to see Firearms Guide

Two products for the price of one: 
1. USB Flash Drive Edition is off-line edition for PC and Mac
2. Online Edition is for PC, Mac, Tablets and iPads
(codes for activating Online Edition with updates are on Flash Drive)

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