This cool accessory for your Swiss Army Knife came across my Facebook feed and caught my eye. The Swiss Army Knife has been for a long time, a companion for many prepared people. I was originally introduced to the SAK watching the TV show MacGuver with my Dad back in the day. My Dad always carry a SAK in his pocket and used it for damn near everything. I still to this day own and use my Swiss Army Knife. Not too long ago I wrote up a ‘quick-tip’ article on using the Exotac tinderZIP as a lanyard for your Swiss Army Knife, so that you would always have some type of tinder on you for starting a fire, but I still needed a means of producing a flame or sparks. The back of the saw tool makes a great striker for ferro rods when igniting tinder, but for the minimalist in me, that required carrying a separate ferro rod in my pocket. Granted they aern’t that big, but it was still an additional item. Well, the Firefly has now filled that gap and provided you with a ferro rod that sits in place of the toothpick. Check out the following video for a demonstration of the Firefly.

From Tortoise Gear:

The Firefly is tailor made to replace the toothpick in a Swiss Army knife or tool, it is plug-and-play, and no knife modifications are required.  The regular Firefly is designed for medium and large sized Swiss Army knives.   The thumbnail grip on the end of the Firefly is glow in the dark.   

The custom mixed sparking material is about twice as easy to spark as a typical firesteel / ferrocerium rod and is designed to be a soft sparking steel, so it can be easily used with any sharp edged tool on the Swiss Army Knife. 

Pack of 3.  Select either the standard neon green glow end or ivory glow end. 


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