Böker has once again teamed up with inventor Wilfried Gorski to produce a new for 2017 knife called the Tucan. Like the Gorski-designed Merlin before it, the Tucan has a surprise under the hood. It combines a manual and assisted opener in a single knife. But does the difference make a difference? Böker sent us a pre-release Tucan to help us find out.

How it Works
A small tab just beneath the pivot is pulled down to actuate an internal mechanism that pushes the blade out from the handle. Then, you pinch it open as with a traditional two-handed slipjoint. Once the Tucan is open, it locks and is disengaged by pulling down on the tab again.

The Tucan’s hybrid opening method creatively conforms to strict knife law in Böker and Gorski’s native Germany. Controversial 2008 legislation states that in order to qualify for legal public carry, a knife must either be one-hand opening but non-locking, or locking and two-handed opening. This is what makes the Tucan different from other innovative openers like the CRKT Fulcrum 2, which remains a one-hand opening, locking knife.

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Image courtesy of Knife News