Getting excited about new guns can be a little risky.  There’s never a shortage of hype, nor hyperbole.  Too many times though, a great concept is spoiled by poor execution, leaving early fans feeling stilted.  Even a design that flies out the door in a cloud of positive early impressions may have issues once the round counts mount.

When the Genesis Arms Gen-12 shotgun was announced, it caught my attention.  And why wouldn’t it?  A 12 gauge shotgun based on the AR-10 (DPMS, Gen1) platform that can cycle up to 3″ magnums?  With detachable box magazines?  Sign me up!  Well, now the gun is out and the first few reviews I’ve been able to check out are positive.  I’m going to try and get my hands on one as well to burn up 500 rounds or so and see how it does.

In the meantime, check out Kit Badger’s first look video at the Gen-12.  Available as an upper ($1550) or complete shotgun ($2,230), the Gen-12 certainly bears watching.

Rex Nanorum