Full Conceal made headlines when they first announced their concept of a folding pistol.  More firepower, more carry options, a smaller footprint, and more safety were all in the story.  Many including yours truly were skeptical.  Is there really a need for a folding Glock?

I’ve been fortunate enough to spend some time with the M3D and learn some about it.  If you’re like me and curious about how these folding pistols work see the video below.  The engineering involved is really quite genius.

After some range time a hike, and some daily carry with the pistol I can affirm the following benefits:

  • More Capacity: 21+1 rounds of 9mm fit into a footprint about the size of a large phone.  No matter which way you orient a Shield or similar single-stack 9mm it’s not quite as compact, and no 21+1 pistol that I own is even close to as small.
  • More Options: Business casual and warm weather have always limited carry options.  With the M3D from Full Conceal that is no longer true.  Because the footprint is rectangular the gun slips easily into a pocket.  This means no more baggy shirts or awkward carry positions.  The pistol also remains accessible from a pocket while seated unlike traditional 4 o’clock carry.
  • Safer: The M3D physically can not fire while folded.  This eliminates the need for a holster.  The pistol can not fire until fully assembled.  As a result there is minimal risk of a finger on the trigger during the draw.

Overall I am very impressed with the M3D and look forward to what this concept will bring to the industry.