Stribog is the ancient Slavic god of storms and currents.  When you feel a rush of wind force that is Stribog.  For the purpose of this article Stribog is also the name of Grand Power’s latest release.  A sub-gun-like pistol imported by Eagle Imports.

The Stribog is a direct competitor to other options like the CZ Scorpion, MP-5, CMMG Banshee, etc.  The 8″ barrel makes for great velocity with 9mm loads while remaining compact.  Yes, there is an adapter available that accepts standard AR-style braces.  Specs below are from the product webpage.

Caliber 9 MM
Action Dynamic Blowback Mass Bolt
Capacity 20+1
Barrel Length 8″
Front Sight Flip-up steel
Rear Sight Flip-up steel
Finishes Black
Grips Polymer
Construction HTS aluminum alloy
Safety Ambidextrous External Safety
Weight 82 oz.
Length 14.74″
Height 8″

It’s no secret that I’m a fan of Grand Power’s other guns.  Their rotating barrel locking system makes for very smooth shooters.  Stribog doesn’t have that feature, but as seen in the video above has an interesting take on direct blow back. To learn more about their handguns check our library of articles here.

As soon as I can I’ll get a brace on the Stribog and take it out to the range for the standard test battery.  For those unfamiliar with how we go through guns that includes the following:

  • Full-Mag +1: Using standard ball ammunition to test magazine load capacity.  Can the bolt cycle on a full mag.
  • “What’s for Dinner?”: This test runs the gamut of brass, steel, and aluminum-cased ammunition.  Ball, FMJ, TMJ, and so on with lod weights in 9mm starting at 165gr going all the way down to 65gr.  This tests to see what bullet wieghts, shapes, and casing types will run in a gun.
  • Field Accuracy: For handguns this is 5 shots from 7 yards using Nosler Match ammunition.  With the Stribog I’m thinking 25 yards might be more appropriate.
  • Bonus: Since Stribog has a threaded and fixed barrel I’ll try tossing a can on it and seeing how it runs dressed for quiet work.

Stay tuned here and on the YouTube channel for updates.  This is going to be a fun one!