The idea of bulletproof backpacks is not new, but it is perhaps more relevant now than ever.  I’ve been traveling with armor in one form or another for the last couple of years.  With events like the bombing in New York, and just random crime why not have a little extra protection?  Traditionally making a backpack bulletproof means adding something to a bag that may or may not accept it.

Either keeping you alive while traveling, or maybe even serving as an impromptu shield in the case of reacting to an active shooter.  Both ways are sadly our modern reality.  The challenge most often is that bags that can easily adopt armor tend to look a bit too tactical.  I’d argue the bag seen above from Guard Dog Security looks quite civil.  NIJ Level IIIA rating means you’re protected from most common handgun and shotgun threats.  That also likely means a better chance of surviving some jerk’s pipe bomb or pressure-cooker bomb.

What’s better yet is that this bag was designed for modern travel.  There are sleeves for both a tablet and a laptop, and the bag quickly opens like a clam shell in a way that is TSA approved.  That means NOT having to remove your valuable electronics and toss them in a bin that just held someone else’s shoes.  There are over 20 pockets built into this thing and a charging port!

Yes, this bag is “smart”.  There is an external USB charging port so you can recharge your cell phone or other small electronic while on the go.  Another compartment holds the charging cable to plug in your backpack when the need arises.

The Proshield Smart Backpack has already worked its way into my daily routine and will likely be what I travel to SHOT with.  It rides nice and compactly, has an unassuming appearance, and all the organization I need.  So far my only criticism is the lack of a holster compartment, shoulder straps on the thin side, and noisy zipper pulls.  It’s easy to criticize these tactical features until we remember that this is not a tactical backpack.

I could easily see the Proshield Smart Backpack becoming a daily-use backpack for the non tactical.  Students and significant others can enjoy this bag like any other.  Just as easily adopting this bag and enjoy all the other features while also being safer.

I’ll be using the bag long-term.  I’ll fly with it a couple of times before I give my final verdict, but for now I’m impressed.  You can find more information on the Proshield Smart Backpack on the Guard Dog Security website.  If you’re in the market for one look here.