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First Look: Iron GTX Mid from LOWA
Joe Neuroth

While browsing the plethora of booths of SHIT SHOT Show this year, I stopped by the LOWA booth to say hello and see what new boots they had coming out. I’m in the middle of a long-term review on the Innox Mid TF, it’s going great so far, and I wanted to let them know how things were going.

While I was checking out the display I noticed a trekking boot that looked a little different than some of the others. The boot turned out to be the Irox GTX Mid.

First Look: Iron GTX Mid from LOWA

What made the Irox look a little different was the synthetic upper part of the boot, with a pretty dope color scheme. The Irox has a big brother that’s constructed out of full grain leather. The purpose of the synthetic construction is flexibility and added weight savings. The Irox comes in at right about 1200 grams. Its big brother the Arco GTX Mid comes in at about 1400 to 1500 grams. This makes sense because in the trekking and hiking world grams = ounces, which = pounds or something, and if you have too many of those on your feet you can’t move.

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