Lionheart Industries has released their new Regulus modular pistols series.  The Regulus is available with either a long or short slide, threaded barrel or non, and with two frame sizes.  Slides can be swapped from frame to frame making it a mission-specific build.  For the sake of this article we’ll be looking at the Regulus Alpha frame with a short slide.

As you can see, the Regulus is almost as if someone took an original LH-9 to a custom shop.  The largest difference of course is that the Regulus is American made.  For my larger hands the Alpha frame fits comfortably.  It’s not that it’s a fat gun by any means, but the palm swell on the back strap helps fill the hand.  Major upgrades are outlined below as taken from the Lionheart Industries product page:

  • Tru-Axis Precision barrel in black, grey, or gold titanium nitride.  Threaded or standard length
  • 1911-style Novak sights.  No more searching for options, there are plenty out there.
  • Index notches on both sides of the frame.  This greatly enhances grip repeat-ability.
  • DA+ Indicator.  Now knowing which mode the trigger is in can be determined at a glance.
  • Elite Series Cerakote.  A much higher-grade, tougher, and slicker coating.
  • Double-Action Plus Trigger System.  More on this is explained in the LH-9 article.
  • 18-round extended magazines.

If you’re really curious about how the Regulus compares with the LH-9 check out this comparison video below.

It’s nice to see and American company producing something new and different.  Polymer has been all the rage and manufacturers enjoy that as it’s a lot cheaper to make.  Lionheart has followed tradition and produced an all-metal pistol with that sweet, sweet hammer-fired trigger that connoisseurs prefer.  With an MSRP of over $1,500 the Regulus is certainly not your average Tupperware gun, but that cost goes into paying Americans to craft a pistol, not simply slap together a mixture of domestic and imported parts.

Guns like these are getting harder and harder to find, I feel fortunate to have one in my hands.

Range review will of course consist of the GBGuns standard of full-mag plus one, “What’s for Dinner?”, and field accuracy.  I have high expectations for this premium Lionheart.