Continuing our coverage of the new Regulus modular pistol series from Lionheart Industries we now bring you the Beta.  A flat back strap stands out most noticeably in comparison to the Alpha, but the frame is also shorter.  The video below shows the Beta with a long slide and non-threaded barrel, but Lionheart offers this frame with either slide and barrel choice.

As you can see, the flat back strap greatly reduces the overall profile of the gun while also making it a little more small-hand friendly.  For my banana hands it’s almost too small of a grip, but I bet those with a little less neanderthal in their blood will find it quite comfortable.

An added bonus to the slightly smaller Beta frame is that is is much easier to conceal.  I experimented with this using a custom holster from Savoy Leather and under a casual shirt the Regulus disappeared. 18+1 rounds of confidence rode comfortably with me for several days.  Obviously a gun of this size does require some wardrobe considerations, but it was doable and comfortable.  With those on the hip and a bullet-proof smart backpack like mine from Guard Dog Security travel becomes a bit more comfortable.

Full specifications for the Lionheart Regulus Beta will be available soon on the company website, for now here’s the meat and potatoes of the improvements:

  • Tru-Axis Precision barrel in black, grey, or gold titanium nitride.  Threaded or standard length
  • 1911-style Novak sights.  No more searching for options, there are plenty out there.
  • Index notches on both sides of the frame.  This greatly enhances grip repeat-ability.
  • DA+ Indicator.  Now knowing which mode the trigger is in can be determined at a glance.
  • Elite Series Cerakote.  A much higher-grade, tougher, and slicker coating.
  • Double-Action Plus Trigger System.  More on this is explained in the LH-9 article.
  • 18-round extended magazines.

To see the new American-made Regulus in both sizes compared to the LH-9 take a look at the video below.