The Camelbak Urban Assault has been one of my favorite EDC packs ever since I reviewed it back in 2012.  Now the company has released a follow-up.

The All-New 2017 Camelbak Urban Assault is slightly larger than it’s predecessor and features an internal wire frame and ergonomically shaped back panel that is designed to comfortably handle heavier loads.  Some complained about the original pack’s straps and Camelbak has responded by making them wider.

First Look: All-New 2017 Camelbak Urban Assault Pack

The original CUA offered excellent electronic gear protection and it looks like Camelbak kept that in the current design.  They’ve also added a hi-vis interior (which reminds me of the colors used by Spec Ops) to make locating kit inside the pack easier in low light conditions.

First Look: All-New 2017 Camelbak Urban Assault Pack

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