When Walther released the original CCP it was met with much anticipation.  Straight blowback 9mm is too much to handle, but Walther’s piston system known as “softcoil” offered to reduce recoil below standard Browning systems.  The “softcoil” also applied to the recoil spring which didn’t need to be as heavy and so the gun is easier to rack.  The combination of softer recoil and easier slide operation was appealing to newer shooters and those more sensitive to recoil.  Where the original CCP lost some of those users was that disassembly required a tool.

Walther has learned from that experience and responded to public demand with the CCP M2.  Take-down is now tool-less, but all of the original benefits remain.  To see just how easy it is now, and have a closer look watch the video below.

The rest of the pistol remains generally unchanged.  In fact the specifications of the original remain true:

  • BARREL LENGTH: 3.54″
  • HEIGHT: 5.12″
  • WIDTH: 1.18″
  • WEIGHT EMPTY: 22.33 OZ
You may have noted that also remaining is the longer trigger pull and reset.  Longer is a relative term.  Compared to other Walthers it’s longer, compared to most handguns it’s about normal.  I love Walther’s trigger for range time, but for a learner’s gun or self defense I think a longer pull is an added level of safety.
I’m curious to see how well the gas system tolerates the wide variety of rounds I like to run through guns.  From 165gr down to 65gr will be tested.  Each with their own unique recoil signature and pressure spikes.  Having stripped and reassembled the CCP M2 a couple of times I don’t find it any more difficult that most modern handguns.  It’s just different.  I’m sure there will be haters out there because it doesn’t break down like a Glock, but this isn’t a Glock.  There are only so many ways a gun with a fixed barrel can be disassembled.