LKCI, LLC’s Regent CC45 brings the Commander-sized 1911 to the enlisted man’s budget.

Not long ago Zenith imported a batch of great, affordable 1911s made by Tisas.  Unfortunately just as popularity seemed to be growing Zenith dropped their handgun line to focus on their roller-locker H&K clones.  This left fans of the Tisas 1911s without a source.  LKCI, LLC in Ohio has resolved that.  They brought back not just some of the favorites, but also some new models like the Regent CC45.

Not wanting to just repeat the previous offerings, LKCI has mandated some changes in features.  Most notably is an improvement in the machining quality and finish.  The Regent CC45 comes with a nice rich Cerakote finish to it that not only looks great, but promises to protect the gun through years of hard use.  In the case of the Regent CC45 this could easily mean sweat and holster time for those looking for a Commander-style 1911.

If you’d like to get a feel for the gun by the numbers specifications below are taken directly from the product page.

  • CALIBER   .45 ACP
  • BARREL LENGTH  127.5mm / 4″
  • HEIGHT  135mm / 5.35″
  • TRIGGER PULL 3000gr / 105 oz
  • LENGTH  219mm / 7.6″
  • WIDTH  35mm / 1.37″
  • WEIGHT(WITHOUT MAG)-  1010mm / 34 oz

When I first tried a Tisas 1911 I was impressed with the feature that come standard at such an low price.  What I didn’t care for much was the trigger.  Fortunately after-market parts can fix that easily.  I used a kit from Cylinder and Slide and had great results.  A nice thing about a handgun model being around for more than 100 years is that there are plenty of options.  All you need is a good set of bones and Tisas provides that.

If you’ve been looking to expand your collection, or wanted to experiment with tuning a 1911 LKCI, LLC offers some great options at affordable pricing.  Sure the grips are plastic, but with companies like Alumagrips offering custom-made beauties like these there’s no excuse for your 1911 to wear grips you don’t like.