The Regent SP1 from LKCI, LLC is a pistol that fills a unique position in anyone’s armory.  Full-sized, ported barrel, and built like a tank.

LKCI, LLC. is a company that I’ve had my eye on for a while.  My interest peaked when they were exploring bringing in the N.B. Inat pistols from Serbia.  For the un-itiated those pistols are the design that Arex based their now famous Rex 1 on and themselves come from the Zastava line.  The N.B. Inat guns aren’t available yet, but LKCI has done us one better with their Regent Line manufactured by Tisas.

Those who have experience with Tisas guns know that they have excellent build quality and can often be found for a very reasonable price.  Imported as the Regent SP1 we’ll first be looking at what Tisas calls the Zigana FC

Here are the specifications taken directly from the product page:

  • BARREL LENGTH 130mm (5 1/8″)
  • HEIGHT(MM) 139mm (5 15/32″)
  • TRIGGER PULL(GR) 2000 / 4500 (4lbs 6oz / 9lbs 15oz)
  • CAPACITY – 15
  • LENGTH(MM) 214mm ( 8 27/64″)
  • WIDTH(MM) 35mm (1 3/8″)
  • WEIGHT(WITHOUT MAG)-(GR) 895 (1lb 16oz)

Yes, some of those numbers seem a bit different, but it’s a foreign gun and the world uses metric.  Get over it.  What’s important here is seeing that it’s a beast of a gun built like a tank and yet not absurdly heavy.  That construction combined with the lightening cuts in the slide and dust cover and compensated barrel will likely make the Regent SP1 a very flat and comfortable shooter.

I’ll take the Regent SP1 out to the range as possible and run it through the standard battery of tests.  From what I can see here the construction quality is as good if not better than any other handgun.  The black Cerakote has been nice and cleanly applied with no “orange peel” effect.  I’m curious to see if my high-speed camera can catch some of the venting action from those barrel ports.

Let us know your thoughts on the Regent SP1 from LKCI, LLC and what your experiences have been with Tisas pistols.