CRKT’s Ruger line barrels into 2017 with the announcement of the Ken Onion-designed Hollow-Point. This is CRKT collaborator Onion’s first Ruger design, and foreshadows plans the company has in store for its gun-knife crossover brand in 2017.

The Hollow-Point will be available in three different sizes: a Compact (2.75” blade), Regular (3.17”), and +P (3.6”) version. Onion drew up an unusual combination of clip and trailing points, with more belly than you’d expect from either. With its double-bolstered handle and gun-grip like texturing, the Hollow-Point stays true to the brand’s implementation of Ruger firearm inspired design cues.

Like the Follow-Through before it, the Hollow-Point utilizes the IKBS bearing system for a smooth flipping action. A reversible deep carry clip allows all three sizes of this frame lock knife to bury in the pocket, to prevent it from falling out during outdoor excursions. “This uniquely retro-styled knife is ideal for hunting treks and great for every day carry in the pack or pocket,” CRKT tells us.

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Image courtesy of Knife News