The “Sheriff of Baghdad” aka Sergeant Major (ret) John McPhee is one bad dude… in fact, I think I’d rather take a knife into a gun fight than have to be on the other side of his gun. From Bosnia to South America and Afghanistan to Iraq this dude has been there and done that and probably forgotten more about training and real-world operations than I will even learn.. so why are we talking about him? Well, we aren’t talking about him but instead, his company called S.O.B. Tactical and how great his FSS B-Sling is.

The quality is seen right out of the box.. durable, well made, and stitched really well (I’ll explain that later). My editor Scott gave me the opportunity to try the FSS B-Sling out for about a month and a half and I am thoroughly impressed by the quality and craftsmanship. The FSS is built for the gunfighter. It’s built for the “shoot first and ask questions later” door kickers in this world who don’t have a name because they don’t exist. I work in a maritime environment so it is hard to find gear that doesn’t break or get destroyed by the deteriorating effects of salt water and rust. Everything falls victim to saltwater corrosion no matter how good you clean it… it’s just a matter of time. S.O.B Tactical takes pride in their products and although I don’t think the FSS B Sling is built specifically for maritime operations, it can handle them.

I run most of my review gear through a saltwater test. My saltwater test includes a 5-gallon bucket, sea water, and a rack that will fit into the 5-gallon bucket that sits above the water line. Now obviously air moves when you’re outside but I try to make it as potent and salty as possible so that my test only lasts about 3 days which is why I close the lid when it’s soaking in the salt water. Between dumping the FSS B-Sling in salt water, drying, and more dumping, after 3 days you usually start to see saltwater build up and rust develop. The S.O.B. FSS B Sling is not necessarily rust proof or salt proof because nothing is if you leave it out long enough, but there were no signs of rust or salt water corrosion. That’s a plus in my book. Next test is to run it just how it is with the salt on it.

I was incredibly impressed that the S.O.B. Tactical FSS B-Sling lived up to the quality and craftsmanship the Sheriff of Baghdad demands in his products. No flaws, no signs of struggle. That’s just another plus in my book. Add in the fact that none of the stitching is coming undone even after I have run this sling about as much as one can in a month and a half, it can handle the salt… it can handle land operations so I ran it through the dirt.. literally. I put mud on the metal buckle, let it dry and it broke free and ran perfectly. Once again quality and craftsmanship is seen. The S.O.B. FSS B-Sling became my everyday sling about 5 days after getting it. I ran this thing as hard as I could and it shows no signs of giving up and even with a price of $80 I am thinking about buying some for the guys I work with because of the quality and durability.

Another great quality is the ability to rapidly adjust with your free hand. The quick to shoot technology is hands down the best part of this sling. You can run it on your body and then get on target in a matter of the blink of an eye. It’s incredible how fast you can get on target. My Troy industries rapid adjust sling is fast but the FSS B-Sling is faster. All in all… should you buy this sling? Should you spend $80 on a sling? Yes. This is the best sling I have ever used and I will continue to use it. Saltwater? No problem. Mud? No problem. S.O.B. Tactical doesn’t offer a lot of products, but their craftsmanship and durability are seen in the products they offer and that’s why I chose S.O.B. Tactical.