Have you ever wanted to be “truly concealed” when carrying a concealed weapon? Imagine walking into a restaurant somewhere and you don’t have to worry about your holster moving around, annoying side pain, or any discomfort. Imagine being able to protect your life and others and no one would be the wiser. The boys and girls over at Truly Innovations have revolutionized every aspect of conceal carry and honestly it’s not just for concealed carry either. It’s for anything and everything you can imagine.
First Look | Truly Innovations Every Day Carry Shirt

Truly Innovations has a product that tackles the impossible. Think about how many people overseas have their wallets picked from their pocket or their passports taken. With Truly Innovations dress shirt, you can do so much with so little. An ordinary dress shirt turns into an unordinary dress shirt and no one is the wiser. The owner over at Truly Innovations contacted me and pitched me their everyday shirt for everyday carry and my first thought was… how come I didn’t think of this. It starts with an inner vest that is sewn into a button down shirt that has fake buttons that Velcro for breakaway speed if a hostile situation arises or if you need quick and easy access to your belongings IE wallet, flashlight, multi-tool, knife. The possibilities are truly endless. It is a shirt made for everyday American’s who everyday carry any and all items.

First Look | Truly Innovations Every Day Carry Shirt
The idea of the shirt first came about in 2016 between a former department of state security worker and a former Army Intel Officer of the 82nd Airborne, both being big CC advocates. They both saw the need to everyday carry while deployed overseas and at home. Now its soon to be the most innovative (no pun intended) shirt ever created. I will be posting a Video demonstration in the next couple of weeks as well walking everyone through how the shirt works and why I wear it during low visibility operations. The official wear test review will be next week.

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