I had the pleasure to review the First Spear Ops-Core Hybrid helmet cover on my Ops-Core Maritime-Cut helmet. First Spear makes great gear, and this helmet cover is by far the best I have seen on the market so far.

In today’s environment of asymmetric warfare, helmet covers are very useful, since we might fight in dramatically different environments in a single day. It takes approximately two minutes to properly set up, and then you have your desired camouflage. For winter-warfare enthusiasts like me, First Spear has even come up with a white camouflage cover. The cover is also designed to allow you to attach relevant gear to your ARC rails, such as my Petzl Strix headlamp.

Colors available: Black, Ranger Green, Coyote, Multicam, White

Sizes available: S/M, M/L, L/XL

Weight: 0.10 pounds

Material: Mil-spec materials and Velcro

The Ranger Green hybrid cover with a Wilcox NVG mount, a MS-2000 strobe, and a Petzl Strix.

Fit: FAST Ballistic, FAST Maritime Ballistic, FAST Carbon, FAST Base Jump

MSRP: $72.08 on the First Spear website.

Unique features: The helmet cover greatly dampens noise upon impact.

Application: Easily change the camo pattern on your Ops-Core helmet.

Pros: Very well-stitched, Velcro is solid, and the NVG shroud is easily accessible.

My Wilcox NVG Mount is accessible and the helmet cover isn’t in the way.

Cons: None observed.

Bottom line/overall performance: The helmet cover fits perfectly on my Ops-Core Maritime Cut Ballistic helmet. The Velcro is well-stitched, giving me the ability to safely attach a MS-2000 strobe on the back of my helmet. This helmet cover gives you the ability to quickly change the camo pattern on your helmet to best fit your mission environment.

My MS-2000 pouch is securely held by the Velcro on the helmet cover.