For me, good enough isn’t good enough. No matter what I’m doing I am always striving for perfection, and I expect the gear I use to meet that same standard. Whether it’s a rifle or a backpack I don’t want something that will just meet the bare minimum requirements — I want something that is perfect for the task at hand. I think First Tactical’s newest creation, the Tactix 1-Day Plus Backpack, might just be the perfect backpack for my needs.

Starting on the outside, the bag is already head and shoulders above my last flight bag. Instead of the standard MOLLE strap system that 5.11 and others are using First Tactical has transitioned to the Lynx laser-cut MOLLE/PALS compatible attachment system. The idea is that instead of using row upon row of sewn-on material to provide the attachment system for the MOLLE webbing, the material itself becomes that webbing. This allows for twice as many possible attachment positions compared to normal MOLLE rigging.

Just about the entire external surface of the bag is covered in this platform, so you’re free to stick whatever pouches you want on the outside of the bag, wherever you want them. I’ve got a radio pouch on one side for a backup handheld VHF air band transceiver and an enclosed pouch on the other for a backup battery for the electronics, but you can slap whatever you want on the bag with ease. There’s also two sections with Velcro on the front of the bag for your name tapes, and even more on the inside for storage.

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