I love my Glock pistols, but I run into the problem of them not fitting just right in my hand.  The way the middle finger knuckle rubs up against the trigger guard, the beaver tail not fitting your hand for a higher grip, the pistol grip slipping from your hand in sweaty or moist conditions,  are some of the problems I find with my Glock 23 carry pistol.  I’ve tried the Hogue grip and various other accessories, but none have really supported my personal preferences.

Simply taking a soldering iron that I purchased at a local hobby shop solved all of my problems for my Glock 23 carry pistol.  It doesn’t take a professional to make the changes needed to personalize your pistol with the Dremel tool and soldering iron, just a little patience.

Fitting Your Glock!

In order to for me to stipple the Glocks grip, I took to the soldering iron and slightly indented the grip, somewhat similar to the Glock 22 RTF.  I also used the iron to stipple the section of the frame where the support thumb should properly lay.  I made these engravings a little more prominent so that as my thumb lies on the frame, I know that I have achieved the proper grip.

Consistency is key!  In order to alleviate the trigger guard problem and allow my firing hand to fit as snug as possible without causing discomfort and give my support pointer finger a point of reference for consistency, I used the Dremel tool. The Dremel allowed me to shave away a small notch where my support point finger can fit snug into the guard.  I also shaved away a small section where the frame meets the bottom portion of the trigger guard to allow my firing middle finger knuckle to rest without causing discomfort and adding onto the callous that has accumulated over the years.  As for the beaver tail/tang of the pistol, you can also shave this area to better fit your hand/grip.

Cost for customization: