The 2nd Amendment has given us the liberty to carry a licensed pistol but this doesn’t mean that we should ignore the fundamental rules of firearm safety. With great power comes great responsibility, carrying a licensed gun is subject to a promise made by every citizen that the pistol will be used safely for legal purposes.

As a concealed carry owner following are significant things you can’t afford to miss:

Never show off:

It’s great if you carrying a licensed pistol along but it will be stupidity if you show it to all of your buddies at work. This will do 2 things initially. First, you will become a center of threat for others and second, somebody will dial 911 and you will end up in jail for nothing.

Let’s keep the concealment in concealed carry and avoid weird consequences.

Get Training:

An untrained shooter is a danger to himself and others.  In order to achieve perfection, you need to enroll yourself in a legitimate firearms training course to become safe and proficent.


Before carrying a  licensed gun, you need to practice your draw with the cover garments and holster you use. This will provide for smooth competent performance in critical situations.

Remain calm and in control:

Always put yourself in a position of control. Be aware of your surroundings. Look for potential threats. Do they have a gun? Are they going to shoot you first?

Never tuck the gun in your pants without a holster:

A common mistake is tucking the gun into your paints without a holster. This may lead to a negligent discharge and an emergency room visit.

Because guns need a home, holsters or carry bags are their legitimate home. So, it would be ideal to carry them safely without hurting yourself and others.

In Closing:

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Carrying a gun is a fundamental human civil right which can’t be extracted. But how to use it in an appropriate way is your responsibility as well as accountability. Be safe.

by Lisa Megan

Lisa is a gun writer and a freedom enthusiast. Currently she is associated with Freedom & Company, which provides a wide range of concealed carry handbags online. Lisa loves to share her thoughts and knowledge regarding self defense practices.