While training and proper equipment are important, can two women with minor caliber guns and no training stop a robber with a sawed off shotgun? According to this video, yes they can. The mom and daughter tending the store had a 5 shot revolver and the daughter had a .380.

This surveillance video shows a robber enter the Forest Acres Liquor store in Tulsa Oklahoma with a sawed off shotgun and demand money. Police have identified the suspect and believe that he is connected to at least 10 other robberies in the area.

The robber took the money and left the store, but reports indicate that he came back in because the mom said she recognized him. That is when she started shooting him in self defence.

Lessons Learned?

1) A gun on the hip beats 2 under the counter.
2) Don’t stop shooting until the threat is down
3) If you are expecting a gun fight, bring a gun and a friend with a gun. Two shooters beat one robber. Had their only been one lady, things may have run differently.

Interestingly, the revolver’s limited capacity probably saved the daughter’s life in this specific situation. After the bad guy took the revolver from the mother, the video shows that he tried to shoot the young woman twice at point blank range. That starts about 2:15. If the gun was not empty, she would probably be dead.

These two ladies fought back and took care of each other in a terrible situation

How did the robber come out of this?  Doctors have put him in a medically-induced coma and he is expected to recover. It seems that multiple small caliber wounds caused significant bleeding but did not penetrate far enough to significantly damage a major organ.

The liquor store was back open the next day.