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Wanna win a sweet-looking handmade fixed blade knife? Better yet, wanna help out a 20-year-old would-be military recruit battling cancer? Enter this raffle.

Wyatt Sutherby grew up on Marine Corps bases around the country — his father, Ken, worked procurement for the USMC’s scout sniper program and retired out of MCB Quantico — and planned on entering the military himself in the Fall of 2016, when suddenly he began experiencing severe leg pain. An MRI scan revealed a large tumor on his spine. Within a week, he lost the use of his right leg. He then underwent emergency surgery to remove the tumor.

Ever since then, Wyatt has been fighting this large and aggressive cancer. Unfortunately, many of the services required to treat it aren’t covered by his family’s VA insurance, which he won’t be covered by anyway once he turns 21. According to Breach Bang Clear, Wyatt recently went in for his third round of chemo in Seattle. While this was going on, the lease on his family’s house was up. His family has a place to move to, but the house still needs to be modified so Wyatt can function around the house. One can imagine the enormous financial burden.

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Photo courtesy of Tactical Life