If you work or play in an environment with possible fire hazard or flash flame from an explosion, you need to think about what you’re wearing next to your skin. The possibility of getting burned is very low even when working under high risk/high hazard employment. You must ask if this is a roll of the dice you’re willing to accept. If so, carry on. After surviving an IED (improvised explosive device) , “Yeah I knew that was going to happen when I loaded up on the vehicle.” Said no one ever. Nor does the helicopter crew chief plan on getting shot down when they’re performing pre-flight checks. No one mentally stable has ever planned on getting burned. Just like a bullet, fire doesn’t discriminate. You might be the most badass operator on the planet and still get burned.

The Massif Base Layer Collection steps in and provides clothing that wicks sweat while adding extra direct heat and flame impingement protection. Whether you are a soldier, firefighter, or work in an industry with flame or electrical exposure, this is an investment in your livelihood. Think about this as an investment for your family.

I’ve been very impressed with this collection over the last few months. What I expected was discomfort, itchy, sweaty clothing – the hallmark of old school flight suits and gloves. What I received is a collection able to compete with even the most comfortable base layers on the market and have the added protection of flame resistance.

A stated in my first impression, all items in this collection are made from approximately 90% Nomex. This line of base layers is innovative enough to receive DuPont’s Nomex innovation award and meet the US Military FR (flame resistant) standards.

  • ASTM D 6413 vertical flame test, which is required to label something Flame Resistant.
  • ASTM F 1930  Instrumented manikin test, which estimates the protective quality of garments in a flash fire scenario using burn injury percentages of vertical flame resistance.

Although I haven’t been exposed to direct flame or flash flame – I’ll leave that to the Research & Design Labs at Massif – I have worn at least one layer of this collection hiking/skinning over 100 trail miles, under turnouts drilling on the fire ground, and drinking coffee on by back porch on a cool morning.

No matter what type of clothing you choose to wear, if you work hard enough, long enough, you will get sweaty. The difference is whether you dry quickly or remain soaking wet. From temperatures in the single digits to over 80 degrees fahrenheit, I’ve been extremely impressed with the wicking and drying factors in each piece of the collection.

Massif Cool Knit T-Shirt

Flame Resistant Base Layers - Save your Skin with Massif

The Massif Cool Knit T-Shirt has an athletic cut, but is not restrictive with its four-way stretch design. The shirt is soft on the inside, but very durable and does a great job keeping you cool in a wide rang of temperatures. I’ve worn this shirt more often than any other piece of clothing over the last three months. The t-shirt wicked my sweat just as well as any comparable Merino or Coolmax material and does a great job of not getting really smelly after three or four days of continuous wear. The Cool Knit also available in a long-sleeve crew.

Massif Cool Knit Bottoms

Flame Resistant Base Layers - Save your Skin with Massif

The Cool Knit Bottoms are made from the same form-fitting protective stretch material as the T-shirt and crew. When worn under a uniform, these bottoms will add warmth in cool conditions, but will allow for breathability and wicking of moisture when activity levels increase or the temperature rises.

Massif HotJohns Crew and Bottoms

Flame Resistant Base Layers - Save your Skin with MassifFlame Resistant Base Layers - Save your Skin with MASSIF


The Massif HotJohns Crew and Bottoms make up a mid-weight base layer that, like the rest of the collection, is athletically cut and stretchy. Along with Nomex, the HotJohns are blended with a hydrophobic yarn that will allow the user to stay warm in wet and cold conditions. Massif puts an amazing amount of R & D into each fiber of this collection. Ideally, this base layer would be used in winter conditions in combination with the Cool Knit collection. You can stay extremely warm when used in cold to freezing conditions. This could be a great base layer under a flight suit during the winter months.

Massif Flamestretch Pullover and Pants

Flame Resistant Base Layers - Save your Skin with MassifFlame Resistant Base Layers - Save your Skin with Massif

The Massif Flamestretch Pullover and Pants are a heavyweight base layer that is extremely soft on the inside. Just because it’s so comfortable, I have caught myself wearing this during projects around the house. The Pullover is probably my favorite comfort item out of Massif Base Layer Collection. These products would be well suited when the temperature has plunged below freezing and you need extra warmth and protection. One handy feature about the pants is the easy-access fly. When nature calls and the weather is cold, the last thing you want to do is take off your gloves to get access to the goods. The Pullover also has a small internal Napoleon pocket for stashing anything from a gel packet to your house key during an early morning workout.

Bottom Line

Take a look at this collection if your occupation is one that can potentially put you in harm’s way. The prices may scare some people away, but can save you from absolute disaster, disfigurement, or death. The Massif Base Layer Collection is made to keep you safe when disaster strikes and comfortable all the rest. There aren’t many products on the market that can boast this level of protection and comfort in one package. One collection for everything, every time.