Never one to sit on their ass, Rumpl continues to innovate and improve their products. After a quick visit to the Rumpl booth at Outdoor Retailer Summer Market, I knew they were on to something with their products. So I got my hands on one of their premier items, the Down Puffy Blanket. A perfect companion for wrapping up around the campfire or cozying up on the couch after a day of skiing. We even brought it with us on the boat for those long days after sunset. Recently, I started a series of articles on Truck Camping. And one of the challenges was finding a comforter for our Tepui rooftop tent. We wanted something that was durable, stain resistant, warm and looked good. Rumpl answered the call with their new Fleece Puffy Blanket.

Fleece Puffy Blanket
20D ripstop nylon with moleskin fleece liner

The outside of the Fleece Puffy Blanket features an abrasion resistant ripstop Nylon fabric. While the other side features the new silky smooth moleskin fleece. And if that isn’t enough, the Fleece Puffy Blanket is filled with an ultra warm 3D hollow fiber polyester fill in the middle. Making this a perfect solution for our camping needs. Aside from providing warmth and good looks, the Fleece Puffy includes another unique feature. An integrated roll-up strap and handle. These neatly fold into a hidden zippered pocket built into the blanket. A pocket that can also provide discrete storage for a wallet or keys. It’s the small finishing details that matter. Like stitch lines inspired by the beautiful patterns found in nature.

Fleece Puffy Blanket
Stitch lines are inspired by the beautiful patterns found in nature

Fleece Puffy Blanket specs courtesy of

  • Synthetic Insulation Throw 240g, 1-person 300g, 2-person 300g
  • 100% Nylon 20D fabric on face
  • 100% Polyester 250g plush moleskin fleece
  • Polyester pop color piping around edge of blanket
  • Throw 50” x 70”, 3.25lbs
  • 1-person 54” x 80”, 4lbs
  • 2-person 88” x 84”, 7.1lbs
  • Zippered pocket to store roll-up handle and other valuables
  • Machine Washable

While our main purpose for the Fleece Puffy Blanket was to act as a comforter in our Tepui tent, we quickly discovered its utility. Spending a couple of nights at the tip of an exposed peninsula on Lake Michigan, we noticed the total lack of all ambient light. Outstanding conditions for laying on the beach and stargazing. Fortunately for us, that particular weekend was clear of clouds as the night sky exposed its endless splendor. The milky way spanned from one horizon to the other as we lay and enjoyed the Orionids meteor shower. Wrapping ourselves up with the Fleece Puffy Blanket while laying directly on the sand wasn’t an issue. Due to the 20D ripstop nylon shell with DWR shield, shaking off moisture and soil was a snap. And best of all, it can go in conventional washing and drying machines after a trip. So check out the Rumpl website for more innovative cozy products

Fleece Puffy Blanket
Warm comfort on a fall Michigan night in the Tepui