For some time we have followed the progress and achievements of a small UK gear manufacturer, Flimmuur Tactical. His Facebook page was the only source of information on his products and work. Until recently he opened up an Instagram account too.

Anyway, he is one of those individuals who makes outstanding looking gear exclusively to order. I have wanted to test his stuff for a long time now. I just did not have a proper idea of what to order from him. But some two weeks ago I spotted that he had made a patch of laser cut MS2000 pouches in multicam. I thought all of them had been reserved already. But I shot the man a message anyway, trying my luck.

And what did you know, he soon replied that one of the pouches was reserved to me, if I wanted it. Oh, and I wanted it alright! And after a brief hassle on my part with the payment, the man dispatched the pouch quickly to me from U.K. And here it is.

Flimmuur Tactical MS2000 Strobe pouch


A few words of introduction about the manufacturer at hand. I asked the man to give some info on his company and work, to provide you with a small interviewish spotlight on Flimmuur Tactical.

The man behind Flimmuur Tactical is Ed. He is a British Army reservist, who grew tired of the poor kit they were issued. He started to fill in the gaps in the issued equipment by modding the kit and designing his own pieces as well. Before 2010 he sewed everything by hand, but at that point he got his first near industrial grade sewing machine. Recently he has upgraded to a proper high end machine to keep up with the growing demand.

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