While the FMK has not been too popular thanks to a rough launch, the latest version of the 9C1G2 runs.  If you’re not familiar with FMK they are a California-based handgun manufacturer.  That’s right, California.  The company is fighting the good fight by being the only handgun maker in the state.  As much as some would like to dismiss California, it makes up more than 10% of our nation’s population.

I respect the efforts FMK has gone through to not only exist, but remain in business and provide not just Californians but all Americans with an affordable handgun.  For those unfamiliar with the 9C1G2 take a look at this older tabletop video.  Design cue from Glock and Smith & Wesson can be seen.

My most recent range trip left me feeling “‘meh” about the 9C1G2.  It is an affordable option and has incredible ergonomics, but the trigger left a lot to be desired.  FMK understood that and has released a Fast-Action Trigger called the ELITE and recognizable by the number 804 stamped on the shoe.  Curious about what kind of difference it would make I installed one and compared it with my original trigger.

As you can see in the video it appears to be a worthy upgrade for those looking to get a little more out of their 9C1G2.  With an asking price of just $61.95 and available directly from FMK’s website I consider this a good buy if you’re committed to your FMK.

My testing protocols have changed a bit since I last shot the FMK.  I think this pistol is due a revisit with an updated battery of tests and commentary.  I’m curious to hear from you all how many of you have tried an FMK and what your experiences have been.  The early models were rough, but this current generation of 9C1G2 seems reliable enough.