Was asked recently to give my opinion on the FNX-45 Tactical so I have compiled a few of my thoughts and thought that I would share them with the community.

When I first picked up the weapon, my first thought was, “Wow, this is really lightweight!”  You can never go wrong with a lightweight pistol, especially when you’re doing support side and strong side drills.  The frame of the pistol is made of polymer and has a distinctly textured grip, almost like the Glock 22 RTF, just a little more prominent.

The slide of the pistol is stainless steel with serrations on the front and back of the pistol, another plus in my book, it gives you the rough surface to grip securely in various environments when performing a brass check, malfunction drill, reload, wounded drill, etc.  Looking up at the top of the slide at the sights, I was extremely happy to see the fixed three dot “tall sights”.  In my opinion, I find that having three dot sights easy to pick up on target, and the tall sights allow me to pick up the sight picture in my peripheral faster during the draw.

The pistol is also equipped with a cold hammer-forged 5.3-inch barrel with a threaded end allowing you add-on a suppressor.

Putting around 500 rounds through it over a period of around 2 hours, I walked away without the “sore” hand and wrist usually associated when shooting that a lot of wounds with a .45.  This was due to the weapons low bore axis.

Another great feature that this weapon has to offer, is the ambidextrous safety, slide lock, and magazine release.

Overall, I really enjoyed shooting this weapon, not only is it practical for working in close quarters, but the weapons felt recoil is great when acknowledging the fact you’re shooting a .45.